Project Activities

Link Campus University Hosts Successful CT&ML Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event on Transforming Teaching with Moodle & Gamified Learning

Link Campus University recently hosted an enlightening and engaging short-term joint staff training event, focusing on transforming teaching methods through the utilisation of Moodle and gamified learning. 


The four partners viewed the preliminary questionnaire in terms of content and structure and everybody agreed on those two. It was decided the partners will have to conduct the survey within the next ten days. The former also finalized  the topics to be included in the training program on OVP in June, Rome, the agenda for the training program, and the Quality Control Strategy Plan of the project. They also agreed on the selection criteria and procedure for participants in the mobilities.


The Italian and the Bulgarian partners met to dwell on issues connected with the teacher training in June 2023 in Rome. They discussed the structure of the training on OVP. The partners designed a draft of the training programme and uploaded it through Google to be shared with the rest of the project members so that they can review and give suggestions for modifications or editing or adding.