The Platform will be the virtual work place where all the materials of the CT&ML course will be published so that a wider audience can have access to the Platform. It will also centralize all the tools necessary to implement the project, such as elaborated e-tools based on the design of the web platform for the project network. The Open Virtual Platform will include e-learning resources (presentations, tests, etc.). There will be course evaluation e-forms to provide the feed-back of the students. Additionally, the Platform will facilitate and optimize the communication b/n partners and users. The partners will be able to organize, share, pool, store and access knowledge and tools.

The Teachers Manual will provide an introduction, a description of the methodological approach to be applied in the course, course content,  clear instructions and guidelines, practical advice, hints, suggested lesson plans, assessment and evaluation approach and tools, etc.

The course will focus on the following aspects:
1) The wide variety of information online requires a new approach to processing, judging and trusting this bundle of information. Understanding the students’ needs now and in the future means
knowing the current trends of implanting fake news and developing skills an senses to differentiate between fake and real.
2) A preliminary questionnaire will be prepared to provide appropriate input information for the analysis. 
3) A new syllabus and study materials will be developed to fully meet the augmented needs for critical thinking and media literacy. The study materials will be interactively prepared in order to match the learning habits of the students. Such digitalization of the study content will be helpful for distance learning as well.
4) The elaborated study materials will be tested for their applicability during the pilot course in the last year of the project.

The Critical Thinking and Media Literacy compendium on protection against media manipulation, misinformation and fake news will contain concise but consistent information about theoretical and practical knowledge, case studies, articles, topics for discussion, etc.